Millermark offers a detailed project estimating service. For a minimal fee, we will look over your entire project and give you line-by-line detail on costs. If contracted to estimate a particular job, and the Investor decides to contract Millermark to build the project, the estimating charge will be credited at time the first draw payment is made.


committment to our clients

Brandon Miller and his staff will:

  • Perform a material takeoff using leading edge technology.
  • Price your job by entering quantities into our detailed pricing database.
  • Create take-off and estimations report that will be acceptable to a bank/lender.
  • Contact subcontractors and get current bids for the job at hand.
  • Create a job budget.
  • Purchase your materials.
  • Issue P.O.'s to your subs with specs & directions to job.
  • Create a construction schedule tailored to your operations (with expectations in mind)